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Troma Entertainment, Inc.
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Our Booking department handles inquiries from theatre owners about screening a Troma film via 35mm or DVD projection. If you are interested, you may contact our Booking Department.

The public relations department is whom you should contact if you have a general question about Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz or Troma Entertainment, Inc.

Troma Entertainment is always on the lookout for exciting new works from emerging filmmakers. If you have a completed film which you would like Troma to consider for release, this is the department to contact.

If you have recently purchased a Troma movie and have a question or concern about your movie, please contact one of our propitious and sagacious customer service representatives. If your question concerns an order placed in the Troma Studio Store, please include as much detail as possible, including your order number.

The Troma Entertainment film library contains more than 1,000 titles. If you are an international theatrical or video distributor looking to add quality titles to your release schedule, you may contact our International Sales team, or check out our Film Catalog to see which titles are available.

Troma President Lloyd Kaufman is available for readings, Master Classes and other appearances. If you would like to bring this legendary filmmaker to your school or community, our Marketing team is ready to make it happen. You may also contact our Marketing department to schedule an interview with Mr. Kaufman.

Troma’s legal department handles all licensing requests.

If you have any questions or concerns about our online store, you may contact our e-commerce team here.

As we are a working operation, we ask those who wish to visit the Troma Building to schedule a tour in
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is Troma Entertainment. Tours usually last about ten to fifteen minutes, and are available Mondays
through Fridays between 12PM and 5PM.

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Troma Entertainment, Inc.
36-40 11th Street
Long Island City, NY 11106

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